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Aug 16, 2021

Introducing Kruxd - a global repository to bring you access to health data

Introducing Kruxd - a global repository to bring you access to health data DataLEADS on Tuesday launched Kruxd, a global initiative to make health analytics easily accessible to the public.

By Anuja Venkatachalam · Aug 16, 2021

Barring data published by international organizations such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations, a vast number of health datasets are hidden on the websites of national governments, research organizations and civil society organizations. These can be hard to access owing to multiple datasets, large-scale datasets and uneditable formats that pose as barriers to accessibility. 

Kruxd intends to break these barriers. Led by a group of data analysts, the platform will source secondary data from regional and international organizations, and make them accessible through cleaned datasets and graphs. 

The initiative has also developed dashboards focusing on specific diseases such as COVID-19 and Cancer.

Over the next year, Kruxd will be collaborating with grassroots organizations to analyze and visualize primary data they are collecting.

At its core, the initiative is dedicated to creating a comprehensive repository of health data, where the public can easily access the health analytics they need on a single platform. 

Kruxd depends on individuals and organizations who are committed to open data, so go on to www.kruxd.in and support us by purchasing a subscription or even just spreading the word. 

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